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The Teeny Tiny House


I live in a really small house.  A teeny tiny house.


tiny house


Ok, not that small!  Though I have often wondered if I could simplify my life so much that I could live in a house that small.  I’ve often looked at tiny house websites and dreamed of living in one.

Instead I have a tiny house that is too big to be a cool tiny house, and too small for most normal families.  Here is an actual picture of the house:

2013-07-26 12.32.02


I don’t know much about the house – the County appraisal district says it was built in 1986, but I don’t think that is accurate.  My parents bought the house in 1987, and it was old then. I suspect it was built in the 1920’s.

The house is roughly 900 square feet.  Yes, we are a family of 5!  The original house was 4 rooms – a kitchen, a living room, and two bedrooms – It has a nice front porch for sitting on during cool spring evenings.  Sometime in the 1960’s the area with the bay window was added.  It’s a large room (about 18 x 30) that we once used as a bedroom, but is now being used as a living room.  It has a fireplace in the corner.  The original part of the house has some serious issues – like, we can’t run the a/c and the toaster oven at the same time.  The whole house has window units – which isn’t too bad.  And only one really tiny bathroom.

Because of the wiring issues, we have to use the crock pot in the living room!

I’m looking forward to finding some fun and functional ideas for the house – one thing I’ve learned is that everything needs it’s own place, and to always put things back where they belong.  This is really important in a small house, as even just a few things out of place makes it look like a tornado swept through.



1 thought on “The Teeny Tiny House”

  1. Amy says:

    I like your teeny tiny house.. I would love to have my own home instead of renting!!

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