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The Honey Do List


Tomorrow is a big day at our house.  We hired a Handyman!  He’s going to be here all day and do whatever I want.  I’m so excited.  This teeny tiny house needs a lot of work.handyman

  • Mount a small TV in Jacy’s room
  • Install 2 smoke detectors
  • Install 2 miniblinds
  • Fix a leaky sink drain
  • Fix the screen door so it will close
  • Move a cabinet from one wall to another
  • Install a doggie door
  • Hang a picture over the fireplace

That will probably keep him busy all day. 

I have some other things I would like done, but I don’t think he’ll have time, and I don’t have the funds for the materials.  But our shower needs some love.  Two wall panels are coming off, and the shower head is too low – we have to squish down to get our hair wet.  I also want to remove the door on our closet, widen the opening and install a barn door.  I found this blog post and picture.  Pretty much exactly what I want.

Hopefully tomorrow the house will be a little more functional and the honey do list much shorter!



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