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So, how much have I lost?



I get that question a lot.  Nearly every day.  Which I guess is a good thing. My weight loss is finally becoming noticeable.  But I have no idea what to say.  It’s complicated!

I have my starting Weight Watchers weight, which is the only thing that matters at Weight Watchers – they don’t count any weight loss before that.  My official weight on May 5, 2014 was 222 pounds.  But on January 9th of this year, I went to my doctor, and weighed in at 230.  And before that – back in March of 2011, I weighed 241.  That’s the highest I’ve ever been.  And I lost 41 pounds during 2011 – only to gain most of it back.

And then you have naked weight and fully dressed weight – and now  I have to wear a sweater weight.  Not to mention morning, after lunch – after a poop…  So it all gets very confusing.

So I just wing it.  I’m going to go with what I put in with MyFitnessPal – starting weight of 230 – and a goal weight of 150.  And my Aria scale picks up the weight whenever I weigh, with whatever I’m wearing – hopefully it all evens out in the end.



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