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Skinny Taco Meat


I love tacos. I love everything about tacos. My mom used to make these wonderful tacos, and would fry the corn tortillas. They were still soft, but they were covered in grease – no matter how much you tried to drain it off. But I grew up on those tacos. And I can’t live without them. So for Weight Watchers, I have lightened them up a bit.

Here is what I use for some flavorful taco meat – each taco is just 2 WW points+, plus your tortilla and toppings.  Is you just like lettuce and tomato and corn tortillas, you can get three tacos for 6 points+.


Instead of frying my corn tortillas, I’ll just warm them in a pan.  No oil or spray – just a dry tortilla.  It doesn’t really change the taste at all .
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