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Payless Rewards


131936_6_490x490Who doesn’t love shoes?  Well me, but that’s besides the point.  I have two pair of shoes – tennis shoes for every day wear, and black flats for dress up occasions (also known as funerals).  But my kids – they love shoes!  Seems like I’m always buy shoes.  And we usually hit up Payless ShoeSource, Target or WalMart.  And if we can’t find anything there, we hit Kohls and then Famous Footwear.  If the shoes are not at one of those places, they don’t need them.

Today is the first day of school, and Jacy was not concerned with having pens or paper, or notebooks or rulers – no, she just wanted new shoes.  I happened to have a 40% off coupon through the Payless Rewards program – so we went there first.  And hit pay dirt with the very first pair of shoes.  And they were perfect for her dress.  The belt had leather and gold – and the sandals also had leather and gold.  She looked really cute going to her first day of school.  Though after 10 years of going off to school, the first day loses it’s luster.


But the Payless Rewards program doesn’t seem to give you points or anything per purchase – it just sends you coupons – and “SURPRISES” – can’t wait to see what that is!

Payless Rewards

Payless Rewards

And those cute shoes – with the extra 40% discount, they were only $6!




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