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Meet Cricket


We are a dog house.  Our dogs just let us live with them.

Our newest pup is Cricket.  She is part long haired chihuahua, and part yorkie.  She is 100% adorable!  While all puppies are cute, I don’t think any are as cute as Cricket.

Here she is a few days before brought her home.  She was 8 weeks.  Look at those cute floppy ears!



And here she is a couple of days ago.  She’s now 10 weeks old.  The ears are (mostly) standing up now!

2013-08-30 10.34.25


Speaking of the ears… Her mamma, while being a yorkie, had floppy ears.  We were watching a TV show last night about Chihuahua’s and those puppies had stand up ears around 6 weeks.  So I’m not sure if her ears are going to fully stand up or not.  Time will tell.

We call her the demon dog!  She is so cute and adorable, yet she demands all the attention.  And she’s smart and devious!


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