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LuLaTools / ZenSales Review

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Updated! December 26th!  There have been a few changes – most notable – no more syncing with Bless (no big deal it turns out), and no more surcharge on 1st class mail – do you hear the angels singing???)  Some of the images below may be a bit different than what you see on the screen, but not much different, and certainly not enough different for me to go make new ones – that was a lot of work, and I’ve got a lot of LuLa to sell!

This post may contain affiliate links that could benefit me, you or both of us!  My opinions do not change based on using affiliate links – I’m just keeping it real!

LuLaTools recently changed their name to ZenSales.  I’ve tried to change all the instances of LuLaTools to ZenSales, but if I missed one, know that I’m talking about the same thing – no difference in the product, they just complied with a request from LuLaRoe to change their name.

Ok guys.  This is it.  It’s the bomb.  ZenSales.Net  (<- That’s an affiliate link – if you click on it, and subscribe, you get $15 in free postage, and so do I!  How cool is that!)

I discovered ZenSales by accident.  I was actually looking for their text service to be notified when LuLaRoe styles were back in stock – if you ever stalked the order page for LuLaRoe Collection for Disney you know what I’m talking about!   And not only did I find the text alerts, but I found shipping!  I had been using Shipping Easy ($30 a month). ZenSales is only $15 a month for shipping and the text alerts – and whatever other little goodies they have in store for us!

So – why ZenSales?

  • It syncs with Bless – LuLaRoe took away the ability for ZenSales to directly sync with Bless.  (Not just ZenSales – other 3rd party apps were affected as well).  But, the functionality is still there – just takes a few extra steps.  You can accomplish essentially the same thing in two ways.  CSV download, or email forwarding.  Both will get the job done.  You can go to Bless and simply download your CSV file of completed orders, then upload it to ZenSales to get all the data you need.  This takes just a few seconds and clicks and is not hard.  Or you can set up email forwarding.  This takes a little bit more effort to set up, but once it’s down, you don’t have to do anything else.  You will be forwarding your Bless invoices (order and paid) to ZenSales, and they will take it from there.  You go to your Order page at ZenSales, and all the info is just waiting for you.  You may have an issue if you order retail on your own behalf (I know you buy retail all the time from other retailers!) – but it will be easy to delete (ummm, just do the three button menu, and Cancel Order).  Here is a tutorial on Email Forwarding.  Really worth setting up!




  • All your postage – First Class and Priority are in one big bucket.


  • It puts all your statuses in one place – ONE PLACE.  You don’t have to check Bless to see if someone paid, and check another service to see if it’s shipped (I know, you can’t remember if you shipped something or not), and another place to see if it’s delivered.  It’s right there – one place!  With the date, and their name and email.  You can even do a click to see WHAT THEY ORDERED!  Just click on the Date, and up pops the details, showing you everything you invoiced – shipping, tax, discounts, total – the whole shabang!  Click on the tracking number for tracking details (you can also do that from the main screen)


Want to know or EDIT someone’s address?  Just click on their name and up pops their name, email, address, a list of current and previous orders – OH my – that is glorious!  Did you think you would ever have all that information in one handy dandy place at one time?


The Nitty Gritty

Ok, sure, it’s got the details, but lets get to the shipping….

First – it’s so easy.  I mean stupid easy.  I mean, scary stupid easy.  Look at that first picture up there – see where it says “Buy Shipping Label”?  You just click that, and up comes this screen.

All you have to do is enter the weight (and click on confirm weight, which isn’t shown here, because it goes away after you click on it, and I figured y’all could imagine a large green button that says Confirm Weight and know what to do with it.)  Then you can choose which service you would like.  Obviously at 8 ounces, you want First Class.  But if it weighed over a 1lb, Priority is cheaper and it shows you all the options and what they cost.  (You say: “Get out!” and I say “I’m not lying!  All on one screen!”)  You also have some other options there – Require Signature and Delivery Guarantee – I haven’t tried those optional services.  You will notice there is a .15 surcharge on First Class – this does not apply to Priority.  No more surcharge!  We just pay discounted shipping rates now!

Bonus Tip:  See the little shopping cart next to some of the shipping options?  Click on that, and go straight to the USPS website to restock your supply!  No joke!

Once you purchase the postage, you go back to the overview screen and choose another package to buy a label for.  You can do several in a row, then click on “Print Batch” and print them all at once.  Or print each individually.  Maybe you like clicking.  I don’t.  So I print mine in a big batch – and it’s fun watching my little printer spit out 10 labels at a time!

Also see “Normal Printer” and “Label Printer” – I have a Dymo 4XL so I choose Label Printer – and have not had any issues with printing on it.  Be sure you have already installed the drivers for it.  Also – be sure to change the paper size to something that says 4×6.


Adventures in Dots

But you say – I don’t need to ship this item!  They bought it at a pop up and it’s in my way!  Guess – what – see the three dots next to each entry?


You can do stuff with those three dots – and it only shows you the stuff you want to do.  It’s like ZenSales does the hard thinking for you!



So, you had a cash customer – just click the three dots, and then click Paid with Cash.  See that “Cancel Order” – you can still cancel the order to get it out of ZenSales – but it will NOT cancel the order in Bless.  Remember, we lost the ability to sync with Bless – so ZenSales doesn’t talk to them.  There is nothing you can do in ZenSales that will mess up Bless.  I promise!


Now, you are given the option to buy a label.  But Tami – they paid with cash and took the item with them!  Ok, just skip shipping!


And it will now say “Delivered”.  So you have a record of a cash payment that was delivered – isn’t that cool?

Oh but wait!  Now they want it shipped, and you already marked it delivered – three dots baby! And you can click on Print Shipping Label, and the teal “Buy Shipping Label” comes back.  Tell your customer they can change their mind!  No biggy!

Well, now someone wants to return an item….  Once again – THREE DOTS to the rescue.

When the item comes back you can indicate your received the items.  And then Refund, Replace or, use those three dots to cancel the return.


All of the actions can be undone.


The have reports!  See how much you spent on Postage, or every order from a customer.  Or how many Irmas you sold.  See the screenshots below for all the cool things!


UPDATE!  There are new reporting features being worked on, as we read!  Under the shipping report, you can click on a month, and get a list of every label you printed, along with a tracking link and a PDF of the label.  Under Items, you get a chart of your sales by Year, Month and Day! The item sales are still being reported as a yearly total, but I believe these features are evolving – so stay tuned for more!


I bet you are thinking that this new found wonder tool will cost a lot.  It doesn’t.  It’s $15 a month, and that includes the text alerts I didn’t even talk about (they are awesome – but the Disney stuff can overwhelm you).  But there has to be downsides – right?  Right.  There are.  It’s so awesome you won’t know what to do with all your free time!  Oh no – there is a downside.  You have to purchase postage in $50 increments.  But they do start  you off with $15 in free postage if you use my handy dandy link.  Right here – click this.  C L I C K   T H I S!   It will give you a month FREE trial – and you will get $15 in FREE postage.  And full disclosure – I get $15 in free postage too (but only if you love it and use up all your $15 in FREE postage.)  They also used to have a .10 or .15 cent surcharge for first class labels – but no more!  So if you see that out on the intertubes, just ignore it – it’s old info.  ZenSales gave us an early Christmas present and took the surcharge away.

If you have any questions before you subscribe, I would be happy to answer them – just leave a comment below.  Once you subscribe I’ll be happy to help, or they have a customer support email that is fast and friendly.




20 thoughts on “LuLaTools / ZenSales Review”

  1. Megan Harnett says:

    Hi. My only question is Do you use another platform for uploading photos to Facebook or just do them manually?

    1. Tami says:

      I use Shop the Roe for inventory management and uploading to Facebook. I’m working on a blog post about my work flow and the tools I use, but I’m being very slow at writing it. Maybe I can get it done after this weekend.

  2. thanks for the information, this helps my decision to use it. When you change customer information how does it change it in Bless?

    1. Tami says:

      It does not change any information in Bless, except if you cancel the sale -then it cancels it in Bless. But if you change the address, it will not change the address in Bless – or sales information. Hope that helps!

  3. Marisa says:

    Can you do a prepaid return label for a customer? Similar to how you can email your customer a prepaid label with Shipping Easy?

    1. Tami says:

      Sorry for the delay! Yes – you can create a prepaid return label!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi, does it send an email to the customer once the item has shipped?

    1. Tami says:

      Yes, it does send an email – currently it’s rather generic, and says it’s from ZenSales, and the subject just says Your LuLaRoe order is being shipped (or something like that). But they are working on us being able to customize it with our signature, and the from line, etc.

  5. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the info Tami! How do the rates compare to ShippingEasy or Stamps.com. I know these other services offer commercial rates for USPS and have higher limits for First Class mail compared to going to the post office. Also, if you have a paper jam, can you reprint the label? Is this an easy or cumbersome process?

    1. Tami says:

      The rates are as good or better. There is a ten cent surcharge on each first class label – so leggings would be $2.87 instead of $2.77 – but you don’t have that on Priority. Flat rate padded is $6.30. The convenience is worth the extra .10. It is super easy to reprint a label. There is a little “dot menu” for each shipment – click that, and there are various options – once you have printed the label, one of them is to reprint the label. You can reprint it as many times as you want. Really, ZenSales is just extremely easy.

      1. Kate Sutton says:

        Is it .15 or .10 surcharge? Your article and a photo in it say .15. Thanks!

        1. Tami says:

          They recently changed it to just a .10 surcharge!

  6. Ashlee says:

    I have a smaller Dymo–Twin Turbo. Is this a useable printer for this program?

    1. Tami says:

      I have heard that it is, but I don’t know first hand. You can always email help@zensales.net – they are great at responding!

  7. brandi S says:

    Can you use a scale with this, or do you have to manually enter the weights?

    1. Tami says:

      You will need to enter the weights manually. I got a digital scale from Walmart for $15 – it takes just a minute to weigh and enter the weight, it’s really easy.

  8. Jessica says:

    HELP HELP…..I don’t have a dymo, how can I use my PC printer to print labels?? My head hurts trying to figure this out haha Thank you in advance xo

    1. Tami says:

      I’m so sorry it took me this long to get back to you! I’m in the middle of remodeling our downstairs – so I haven’t really been on top of things. I’ve never printed with a regular printer – bu I believe it’s as easy as selecting normal printer when you are buying a label. You can then print on normal paper, cut it out, and tape it to the package. Or invest in a Dymo – they are AWESOME!

      1. jessica says:

        Thank you so much and no worries. They responded and it was my own error of not noticing the normal printer option at the top. I have the 2 labels per sheet and just used normal printer and BOOM perfect labels. Thank you for getting back to me. Maybe this post will help others as well. ?

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