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Kellogg’s Family Rewards


kfr I don’t know how long this has been around…  We’ve eaten a LOT of pop tarts over the years, and today was the first time I noticed the Kellogg’s Family Rewards logo on the package.  So I thought I would check it out.  Looks like you need a lot of points to get anything – but turns out, you get a lot of points for what you enter.  The Pop Tarts were worth 60 points, and a package of Cheez-It’s were 90 points (and I think Jacy lives on Cheez-Its).

Some of the rewards are nice… movie tickets – good at a variety of theaters, housewares, maid/handyman service.  You can even donate to charities and schools.

So if you are eating the brands offered in Kellogg’s Family Rewards, you might as well take advantage of it!



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