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It’s a Miracle! Ok, maybe not.


I have really crappy nails.  Really crappy.  They are like paper.  So I got a manicure about a month ago.  I loved it.  But the polish didn’t last too long.  Maybe 5 days before it started chipping.  The nail tech had told me if I got “gel” polish it would last for two weeks – but it would cost like $30 extra – for nail polish!  So I politely passed.

I then read a magazine blurb about Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish.  You put it on like any other polish and it turns out fabulous and lasts for two weeks.  Plus, no fancy light needed, and you don’t have to pry off your fingernail to remove it.  I was sold.

Took me a while to actually find a store that had the shade I wanted in stock.  Ulta looked at me like I had three heads when I asked about it, despite it being on sale on their website.  I ended up finding it at CVS.  You have to buy the color and a top coat – total was $20 (you can find it cheaper at Walmart, but I also had  $10 Extra Care Bucks).  So, a little pricey for even good nail polish – but you can use it for a lot of manicures, so in the end, you can save money over the gel polish at the salon.

I choose Truffle Shuffle – a nice neutral shade.  It took me 2 hours to apply this polish!  First off, I’m not great at painting my nails – but you put on 2 coats of color and one top coat – and drying between each coat – well, it took 2 hours.

The nails look just ok.  Not great like when I got the manicure at the salon.  I can’t put my finger on it, except they just don’t have that great flawless shine I get from a salon manicure.

So – no miracle, but acceptable.


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