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I’m a loser! – June 10-16 Report


I was very happy to go to Weight Watchers this week.  I knew I lost weight.  And boy did I!  I lost 5.2 lbs.  That might seem like a lot – but I was up .6lbs last week.  And I did everything right last week – except exercise.  I didn’t move a whole lot.   So, I’m thinking the previous week was caused by bloating.  So maybe I did lose a little that week.  Who knows.  But the scale says I lost weight this week!  And I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I’m not feeling so great about how I look.  I seem to be losing weight in my already skinny ankles.  I’ve always been blessed with shapely legs for a fat person.  So I didn’t need to lose weight in my legs.  I need to lose it in my mid section.  I’m apple shaped.  And the last 2-3 years I’ve gained this fat roll that starts under my boobs and goes to my waist.  It’s like a muffin top without anything being stuffed in the muffin tin part.  My waist is smaller than this fat roll.  I want to lose that weight.  So far my clothes don’t feel any different.  Well – my socks do.  Seriously.

One thing I found interesting at our meeting today – we were talking about eating out with friends and “food pushers” – and someone suggested telling  your friends you were doing Weight Watchers and you didn’t need to eat that ooey gooey cheesy goodness thing.  And several people piped up “Oh, I don’t tell anyone I’m on Weight Watchers”  – like it was some shame to be losing weight.  I figure, my friends already know I’m fat.  At least now they know I’m doing something about it.

This past week I focused on moving more.  I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes on Wednesday, Friday and Monday.  I didn’t walk much this weekend due to a cut on the bottom of my foot.

So here is this week’s progress report.  Yesterday (Monday on the chart) was a bad day – I just couldn’t face eating another chicken breast.  I’m in desperate need of something new to eat.  And look – an activity point sneaked in there!  Friday’s supper was mexican food date night, and Saturday’s lunch was a steak craving.  I totally pigged  out those two meals, yet didn’t even use all my weekly points.




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