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Free Planner Printables


I’ve been trying to keep a planner.  A real live paper planner! But I’m just not good at it.  And then I realized, I was duplicating everything.  I’m really good at keeping all my information in the cloud.  I use Google – a lot.  I love their calendar, email, contacts – everything was in one place.  So having a written calendar just didn’t do much for me.

And then I saw an undated “dashboard”  – I’m not really sure what else to call it.  The one I saw was for a week – had the days of the week, with room for notes.  So I started looking some more – Etsy is a huge resource for printable planner pages.  And there are a lot of free printables as well.  But I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  I wanted something I could use daily, weekly, monthly – or just whenever.  I didn’t want to be limited to a certain time frame.  So I made my own dashboard.  It has no date on it – you can use it until you fill it up, then toss it when everything is done.  I made a few different backgrounds.  They are designed to be printed on one regular piece of paper and cut in half, then put into a 5×8 binder.  I use the Staples Arc Binder.

I went online to Staples and had them print them out on nice paper and cut them.  Looks great, and didn’t cost a whole lot.

I’ve got 6 designs here – some are fun and funky, others are very simple.  Just click on them and save the PDF.


Hope you enjoy!


Dashboard2op - ModDots dashboard2op - Waves
dashboard2op - RetroChevron dashboard2op - Target
dashboard2op - CrossStitch dashboard2op - Simple










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  1. Amy says:

    you should do a tutorial on how you make your own printables.. I know I would def be interested..

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