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First Week – Bust


This is a back dated post as I catch up on journaling.


I wasn’t that enthused about joining Weight Watchers.  My sister wanted us all to – and we have 4 of us go to the meeting.  And the first week, I did nothing.  Well, I didn’t go overboard on food – but I also didn’t count points, track, or even do much trying.  And I lost 3 lbs.  I really do think it was because their scale was broken.  Everyone in the meeting room talked about how much they had lost.  But I thought – if I can lose weight doing nothing, just imagine what I can do if I really try?  So for the next week – I’m going to give it a good effort!  In fact, I went ahead and started tracking better on Monday.




  • Lost this week – 3.4lbs
  • Total Lost – 3.4lbs


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