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Creating Albums in Sonlet


Creating Facebook Albums is not a fun thing.  But, if you use Sonlet, it can be a little less tedious.

This is all done on a desktop. I have no idea how it would be on a mobile device.  I just don’t use a mobile device to do many tasks.

This method can be used to create any albums, with any name and cover art.  It does not post your inventory to it.  It’s “Just Albums”.  You can use the regular Load by Style to create albums and load inventory – the method is the same.

Step 1 – Go to Sonlet->Listings ->SmartPost

Step 2.  Choose Just Albums and then the group you want to load to.  Give it a minute.  I prefer to go to Just Albums first, then choose the group, it seems faster.  You can also do Just Albums (with size) if you prefer to have an album for every size.

Step 3.  Choose Convert all “Do not post” to “Create New”.  If you have ever had an album with the same name, it will show you the album cover you used.  You can keep that album cover, or Select File to add a new one.  Don’t drag and drop a picture to the Select File!  It may work, but eventually you will make a mistake and lose all the work you’ve done.  So just don’t do it. Take the extra few seconds to Select File and choose your image from the file dialog box.   You can also choose a new name for the album.  Go through all your styles and check to make sure they are correct, customizing as you need.  Once you’ve done it, it should be much easier the next time.

Step 4. Add in any albums for styles/sizes you don’t carry.  You’ll see a drop down box and a button that says “Add Custom”.  Use the drop down box to find the style you want to use.  Don’t see the style you want?  Choose any of them – then just change the name in the box.  Not a big deal.  The text you see in the box is just a suggestion.

Step 5.  After  you  have added all the custom albums you want, you just need to click the big blue button “Post Now”.  Don’t worry if the albums seem out of order after adding your custom albums – they will post to Facebook in alphabetical order.  If you don’t want  yours posted in alphabetical order, you can post in batches.  I will post all Disney first, so they are at the end of the albums so customers do not have to scroll through them if they are not interested in Disney.  Same with Kid styles.  


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