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Hi there!  Welcome to Jacy’s Closet | The Blog.  This is like version 2.0.  Not necessarily better, but different.  The name used to be “Dumb, Fat, and Happy”.  And I got a lot of flack for that.  But here me out.

Now, I admit to being all three – dumb, fat and happy.  One of my other favorite saying is “I don’t know, what I don’t know.”  That’s half the battle right there – admitting you don’t know something.  I have self taught myself so many things – HTML (back in the 1990’s, when you had to type it all out by hand!), Excel, Access, WordPress…  I’ve built my own computers for myself and family.  I’m the goto tech person in my extended family.  If I don’t know something – I go figure it out.  It’s ok to be dumb, as long as you seek out the knowledge.

And fat.  I’m fat.  I claim the word. I’m not scared of it.  And I have really nice legs for a fat person! Doesn’t mean I don’t want to be not fat (three negatives make a positive, right?).  I’m a tryin’!  I’ve been trying to lose some weight now for about 5 years.  And I’ve managed to lose (glances at the ticker to the right) 40 lbs.  Sometimes the ticker says more and sometimes it says less.  It said 50 lbs at one time!  I go up, I go down.  I try to make healthy decisions, and sometimes I make 12 trips to the grocery store before Halloween guilt free thinking I’m just buying Halloween candy.  I think the clerk at Kroger has it figured out though…  But you will not find pictures of me in yoga pants working out.  You will not find me with a suspiciously unnatural green shade of smoothie.  You’ll find my chocolate addiction. You’ll find my fascination with Coke Zero and a crusade to make it served in every mexican food restaurant in Texas.

And happy?  You bet!  Maybe not sugary happy like you see some yoga pant green smoothie drinking PTA Moms…  (ok, if you are skinny, make cookies for the PTA, and have an immaculate house – something is wrong with you – axe murderer perhaps???)  But I’m happy.  All my faults are right out there for everyone to see.  I don’t hide anything.  If you need to stop by the house for a cup of flour, you had better make a reservation 2 weeks ahead of time.  And surely I’m not the only one that spends 8 hours cleaning the house top to bottom for the in-laws and when they arrive say “Oh, please forgive the house, we just didn’t have any time to clean.”.  If I ever showed up to PTA, even with cookies, they would wonder who the stranger was trying to push their kids cookies…

But what do I have?  I have a pretty neat hubby.  He works hard for us.  And three grown children, who were raised to be very capable adults. They’ve done their own laundry and washed dishes since they could stand on a wobbly chair to reach the controls.   One of the proudest moments of my life was when my youngest hid her speeding ticket from me and took care of it herself – she had to go to the courthouse, take defensive driving, and pay for it all – all without letting me know (until I accidently saw the payment in her bank account – I was NOT snooping!)  I have a pack of happy dogs that lay at my feet as I write.  They follow me from room to room.  My kids play really geeky games with me and their dad – games like Dungeon and Dragons.  You know what is geekier than playing Dungeons and Dragons?  Watching people on TV play Dungeons and Dragons – for 4 hours.  I have my own business that I run from home.  If you ever need really comfortable clothing – look me up!

So, Dumb, Fat and Happy is not a dig on anyone.  It’s me.  In a nutshell.  Warts and all.  (Ok, I did have the warts removed…)

Things are good.





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