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A Clean House


I’m spoiled.  Completely spoiled.

I had a cleaning service come out twice – this past Saturday, and then two weeks before that.   It is simply amazing having a clean house.   They do a far better job than I ever could.

The first service was one I found on Craigslist.  They charged me $90 for my 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 900 square foot house.  I personally think that’s a little high.  Especially since she didn’t do a very good job.  She did not dust the top of the door ways, she missed one ceiling fan, and didn’t dust a dresser.   She was also over an hour late and didn’t speak any English, which made it hard to communicate.  However, I called the service, and they kept me up to date on her ETA.

The second company was far better.  And I had a promo code that made it just $37.  They are Handy.com – which makes it really easy to schedule and get someone out to clean.  And if you use this link you can get $25 off your first cleaning.  They sent Sonia, and she arrived exactly on time, and spoke English.  She was friendly and a hard worker.

For these first cleanings I stayed at the house – I’m not too keen on strangers in my house without me.  That was a little awkward, but turned out ok.  Sonia was a little slow – taking an hour in the 10×10 kitchen – and that was before sweeping and moping.  But I found out she cleaned the inside of the oven – which was not on the list to do.  She also scrubbed down the outside of the cabinets, and got up some really difficult spots on the burners of the stove.  The stove/oven looks brand new now!

I only paid for 2.5 hours, but she was there for nearly 4 hours.  I felt she was a bit slow – but she was very thorough, and hit all the spots.  I had told her not to clean the ceiling fans – except for the one that was missed.  We also do not have an abundance of furniture to dust.  So I’m not sure what she spent all her time doing (I tried to stay out of her way).  But she did get the top of the doorways that the other service had missed, and the floors were *very* clean.  Here is our dining/entryway – as you can see, it doesn’t have a lot of junk in it. (Ok, that one corner has a box and an ottoman.)mXXeSML

I have set up another cleaning and hope to be able to do this every other week.  I adjusted my hours for a 3 hour clean, as suggested on their booking page.  I do think 3 hours is plenty for a such a small house.





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